**coming soon**

Scone City was once a pinnacle metroplis. A city light and fluffy, filled with such delicious goodness that the citizens had nothing to fear. 

But dark times have fallen on the city and it needs a hero. Someone who’ll stand up to those heinous criminals who burn toast on purpose or under-season the pasta water.

Scone City needs Cutlery.

A superhero/comedy comic coming soon

Jon goes to high school and works at Burger Stop, a local fast-food restaurant. When the girl he’s been crushing on for months comes in, he finally gets the nerve to ask her out, only for it to go horribly wrong.

Despite the embarrassing disaster, Jon and Katie go out, when Jon realizes she’s not simply a student at a rival high school. She’s a popular, sweet, confident, smart babe. Completely out of Jon’s league.

An underdog, high school romance short story.

Available on Webtoon

When things go bump in the night, the Urban Myth investigators are the ones that bump back.

The frogs have been at war with the cryptids since the beginning of time. And now they have finally set in place their plan to not only control every cryptid on earth but every human as well. That is unless unit 51 of the Department of Cryptid and Anomalies can stop them.

Can Earl the Gnome, Steve Sasquatch, and Chupie stop the frogs and save the world? And can they make it home in time to watch the latest rerun of Golden Girls?

Available to read on Comixology