Cutlery Coming Soon

A few years back I created two mini-comics featuring a superhero named Cutlery. By the character’s name, you might guess it’s not you’re typical superhero comic.

Cutlery is a comedy/parody of sorts in the same vein as Groo the Wanderer, The Tick, or the campy world of the old Batman series featuring Adam West. Cutlery is the titular hero of Scone City. He battles criminals like The Dough Boys or Pizza Peter and has a very rocky relationship with an ally of sorts called The Spork.

Yes, that’s the kind of book Cutler is.

It’s probably because of those reasons and more that I’ve never really shaken the idea of Cutlery. I’ve had other ideas rattling around that can fill more than 12-page mini-comics. So, I’ve come back to Cutlery and I’m cooking up a great story.

I’ll be releasing more information on Cutlery in the coming weeks. What I can tell you right now is that it will be released as a physical book, but it’ll also be updated online to read.


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